A new semi-detached house NB. B55
House floor space
180,02 m2
1073 m2
2-car garage
11,14 m2
Symbol Room Type House area
2 GARAGE 33,05 m2
3 LAUNDRY 5,34 m2
4 KITCHEN 8,67 m2
5 LIVING ROOM 51,06 m2
6 BATHROOM 4,73 m2
7 UTILITY ROOM 0.92 m2
8 HALL 3,66 m2
Total 111.92 m2
Symbol Room Type House area
1 HALL 9,27 m2
2 BATHROOM 3.36 m2
3 BATHROOM 3.36 m2
4 LIVING ROOM 1 12,00 m2
5 LIVING ROOM2 9,76 m2
6 LIVING ROOM3 8,54 m2
7 LIVING ROOM4 12,89 m2
8 CLOSET 5,58 m2
Total 61.72 m2
Symbol Room Type House area
1 ROOM 1 15 m2
2 ROOM2 34 m2
3 ROOM3 26 m2
Total 75 m2
You don’t need to know anything about gardening to have a beautiful garden. Just choose one of our three arrangements suited to your needs and the size of your plot. We provide the design and execution, while you can sit back and enjoy the finished and delightful greenery. In addition, each project can be customised upon your request.
BASIC Do you have an idea for your garden, but you are afraid to begin making it a reality? Choose the BASIC variant. We will prepare a lawn, build footpaths and plant some original trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses – including walnut, European hornbeam, white fir, Chinese fountain grass, bamboo grass and others. The end result will be characterised by its economical form and stylish look. You will be then able to finish the garden yourself according to your own taste and preferences.
STANDARD This variant is dominated by Japanese maple, Chinese magnolia, Southern catalpa, rhododendrons, Adam’s needle and others, ensuring a dynamic, yet elegant and eye-catching composition. We recommend this variant for small and medium-sized gardens. The design encompasses plants that do not require much care but ensure spectacular end result.
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A new semi-detached house NB. B55
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