About investment WHAT IS OSTOJA? Ostoja is a modern, innovative housing estate for people who value family atmosphere, happy childhood, proximity of nature, comfort and health. Breathe in the forest air all year round!
Excellent infrastructure:
Gym and a track
A closed housing estate
with 24/7 security service
Concierge services
(maintenance of greenery, watching over
your home when you are away)
Volleyball and basketball courts
Two tennis courts
Private park
Local store
Proximity of nature When you make OSTOJA your home, you will live in the close vicinity to a Natura 2000 Area, the Świdwie Nature Reserve and the southern border of the Ueckermünde Heath. This natural neighbourhood has become a source of inspiration for the name and the logo of our investment, which refer to the local habitat of the common crane.
Vast shared spaces Ostoja means security and an extensive sports infrastructure, including two tennis courts, two basketball and volleyball courts, an outdoor gym and 850-metre-long running loop. The heart of the housing estate features a common space for talking and playing outside – a private park with an area of 2200 m2 and a playground for children.
0 0 m2 total area of the estate
0 0 m2 sports and recreation areas
0 0 m2 private park
0-0 m2 areas of individual plots
Live close to everything If you choose OSTOJA, you will live in the vicinity of a picturesque forest, but that does not mean that you have to give up anything the estate is located just 25 minutes by car from the centre of Szczecin, as well as just 10 minutes from the Polish-German border in Lubieszyn.
Benefits of houses in Ostoja:
construction technology
Mechanical ventilation systems
Recuperation in semi-detached
family houses
Single and double garages
or carport
Large plots offering
arrangement opportunities
Low operating costs
Spacious houses of various
surface dimensions
Nature at your fingertips
Wiosenna promocja Odetchnij świeżym powietrzem!
Wybierając teraz dom z naszej oferty
Otrzymasz rekuperator w cenie domu.
*szczegóły promocji w Biurze Sprzedaży
za przesłanie zgłoszenia.
Dział sprzedaży skontaktuje się możliwie
jak najszybciej.